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Hello all you beautiful people!

I am sitting on my bed with the window open, it is a lovely cool day here in Auckland. My lavender incense is burning and my mind is finally feeling calm.

Night shifts. They are definitely something I need to get used to. So far my sleeping pattern has always been “early to bed, early to rise” but nowadays, it can be a bit of a mystery.

Ok, let me take you back to my Saturday night. I am starting to enjoy my work. My boss is lovely and the people I work with are amazing, patient and kind. Waitressing is not easy work though if you have ever been a waiter/waitress (or even just in hospitality) you will understand.

Learning the menu for instants! It is not just one simple page with random words someone has just thrown together, no! It is a very carefully thought out masterpiece. Someone has put time, effort and love into those pages. And it is our job to make sure we relay that to the customer. When they ask “what is the Pashtet?” you can not just reply “oh it’s chicken liver” nay nay my friend! you must reply ” OH it is delicious! it is a chicken liver and truffle pate, with duck fat nappe, with our beautiful homemade pickled mushrooms, cranberry jam, and freshly made bread!”.  That is just one menu. We have a total of 5 for our food, 15 for drinks (even the drinks are all named differently) and we also have 3 set menus.

Easy you say? well don’t forget that you need to also memorize the table numbers and we have 50 tables, just downstairs.

In a nutshell, what I am saying is this. Next time you are feeling frustrated with your waitress just try to remember, maybe it is her first day? or maybe she had just been the victim of a drunk hugger, that was insisting on buying her a drink earlier and she has been trying to shake it off ever since? We don’t know. So just remember, kindness is always the answer.

Hope whoever is reading this is having a fantastic day. . or night!


Looking “Lushious”

Hello all you beautiful people!

Today was the big INITIATION for Lush! My morning started beautifully! (I wish all my mornings would!) I woke up, (as you do) to my alarm screaming in my ear GET UP! I flung back my covers with an energetic attitude that STUFF was going to happen! I did a quick 15-minute exercise (going to look smoking as a bridesmaid next year) ate a VERY healthy breakfast of oats (which I forced down! it was like eating goop) and finished getting ready.

I was lovely and early for the talk (I was so proud) which lasted 4 hours. So 1 hour in and I was feeling . . . pretty good. I knew a lot (thanks to the two weeks of research) about some of their products (there are A LOT) and answered questions well. But then something very strange started happening. . . I started feeling like the room was spinning, every time I looked at the speaker I felt sick. What was it!? Then I clicked, she was sitting behind white blinds that were down, because of their colour and the fact it was a cloudy day, it was giving the effect of a hallucination (well that’s the best way to describe it). Not wanting to interrupt, I just made myself look like a very good listener and took LOTS of notes! (I did eventually grow a pair and open the blinds).

Towards the end of the talk, I was definitely losing focus. I could feel my eyes crossing over every now and then, and would have to make an effort to pull myself back. Not to mention that the amount of information given, will give anyone a massive headache!

But I did it! I am so excited to take this step into my adventure! Who knows, maybe this is my key to London!

Now I am going to have chamomile tea and listen to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Gentle embrace.

Photo – by me.


I’m lying in bed after just getting off the phone with my best friend. I miss her. I miss going over for coffee. I miss being spoiled and having her cook me pancakes, with cinnamon sugar. But the thing I miss the most, are her hugs.

Human touch. It is so powerful. One hug can make you feel. . . Safe, loved, valued, cared for, appreciated. It is almost like a drug we crave after. And if denied. We start to curl, we turn into an ugly version of ourselves. Someone who is constantly negative, cold, hard and mean.

We can lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves to “harden up” to just “get over it”.

Why can’t we acknowledge that we need it? I need it.

I have been spoiled. Spoiled with a loving mother who hugged and kissed me when I was small and blossoming. Spoiled by a nan that never said no to my open arms. Spoiled by a best friend, that even at the end of a long day looking after her family, still made time for me.

Spoiled yes. But thankful. Thankful I know true love, true care, the true meaning of unconditional love.

Russian Influence


Hello, family and friends! Update on my work life.

I have finished my 3-week hospitality course, it was inspirational, exciting and has opened my eyes to doors I didn’t know were out there.

This week I have started work experience, at a really unique place called The Vodka Room. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go, I felt I would be wasting my time as I really wanted to be looking for work as a nanny. I was trying to come up with all sorts of excuses not to go! But in the end, I told myself “what do you have to lose?” after all its experience gained and something to look good on my cv at the end of the day!


So I sucked it up and went. One massive thing I am learning is how to grow a backbone (which I never thought possible).

So my first night I obviously went with mixed feelings. But at the end of my 9-hour shift, I left feeling ok, everyone had been really nice and supportive and it had been an exciting night due to the fact it was a wedding ceremony. (Not to mention, the bartenders were very distracting!)

My second night was really different! comparing it to my first, it was like a ghost town! I only had one couple come in the whole night! I felt for them as it looked like a first date! That must have been soooooo awkward!

I am actually looking forward to tonight’s shift. I am really glad I opened myself up to this experience. And I am very grateful for how things are seeming to turn around for me.

Just some tips and pointers I have learned this month. NEVER go into something with a closed mind or bad attitude, you can block/stop learning and growth. Something I picked up on with some of the girls in my course, they gossiped a lot about one specific tutor, (they didn’t like her for reasons I don’t know! I personally liked her a lot) they didn’t want to listen or take in her many years of experience and advice. After leaving that course, a lot of people in the hospo industry I have spoken to haven’t even heard of the course, BUT they ALL know this one tutor! She has been all over Auckland and I haven’t met one person yet who hasn’t said “Oh yes I know her!” or “She helped me get to where I am today”! Lesson learned! Thank goodness, not at my expense.

I have three more nights left, which I am looking forward to documenting.

Lights out.


Hard Work

IMG_4827Photo By Me.

Hello Friends!

Well let me just tell you after countless interviews and phone calls I may FINALLY have found a job! After 3/4 months of looking, looking and more looking! It is starting to look very positive.

It was not always so. About two weeks prior I was in tears feeling absolutely suicidal with desperation. It was hard trying to remain positive, especially when EVERYONE kept telling me “be patient, it will happen” forgetting what it could possibly be like in the other persons shoes.

But there were also some laughs. Like when I got asked to be a receptionist. I was so excited at the possibility of a job, that I jumped at it, not even giving it a second thought to maybe consulting google first.

My brain did however kick in 1 hour before the interview, and out came the phone. I searched for the company and found that I was about to enter not the dark web, but the dark corners of Auckland itself. Turns out I passed down the opportunity to work at a. . .  (putting it politely?) gentleman’s club. Anyone that’s knows me, will understand why that put me off.

So there we have it. After nearly 6 months of being overseas and looking for adventures, I have started to clear away a bit of the mist. Fingers crossed it remains clear.

Peace out.

Home Sweet Home

friends girl blonde portrait
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That word is subtle yet so expressive.

For me, it means a whole bunch of feelings crammed into one body, one mind, one heart.

It is not just the people, but the feeling of home. The smells, the sites we take for granted every day. Things that are even annoying, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would miss.

This new adventure is exciting, and I am happy I made the choice to “just do it”, but if I could go back and do it again, I would definitely recommend starting in your early 20’s! Because it would give you that “feeling” of you have nothing to lose.

With only two more years until my 30’s there is way more pressure to “make it a success”.

A few things I truly hate in life is confrontation, stress and pressure. Ok so there are way more things I hate but that could take longer.

Everyone tells you how exciting it is to travel by yourself, to go “solo” and yes maybe there are those special people out there who like/enjoy it. But honestly, it’s just so lonely!

People who know me well, no how much I love hugs and cuddles, it is like a mandatory must have if you are my friend or family member. When travelling solo it is considered “creepy ‘ to just hug people, especially in New Zealand (maybe in other countries as well I wouldn’t know). Sometimes you just need that hug! A really meaningful one.

Like my mum always says “everything will be better tomorrow, you just need a good sleep”.

Challenge Accepted

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Hello! I know there are a lot of you that have been asking how my first weekend shift went at the Cafe! So I thought this would be the perfect place to tell you!

Let me start by saying, my feet were screaming! standing for two whole days was a challenge, BUT (notice that big but!?) it was sensational.

Let me walk you through my dramatic build up, leading to the big day.

Obviously I had mixed feeling, nervousness, excitement, fear, panic, determination were all rushing through my body like a cheetah at top speed.

The night before I don’t think I slept much, and that morning was just hundreds of butteries wriggling in the pit of my stomach. I forced myself to eat, knowing I would be thankful later!

The moment of truth comes, and I start walking to the cafe.

Let me also add, building up to the big day I had spent 3 days helping to clean, I believe that the owners were very surprised at my willingness to offer free time to help.


I walk into the cafe and put my uniform on, to my horror it was my Nan’s favourite colour not mine! I was shown the basics then left to just sink or swim. I would like to report that I swim very well! I love front of house! I love the people, the buz, the entertainment, making myself invaluable. I really believe that after two days I am pretty confident in myself and how to work everything, except the coffee machine (that’s still coming).

So after my first long shift at the cafe I went to look after one of the owners children, when they where safely in bed, and another family member was looking after them, I went back to the cafe to say goodbye and I would see them tomorrow. Well I took one look through those open doors and knew that I could not go home and leave them, it looked like way to much fun! EVERYONE was surprised to see me back! and might I add a little impressed. I think my employer was really blown away by my attitude.

The night shift was AMAZING! I think by far my best! the music was pumping, people where laughing and I felt so alive! It was like this new person was being born, a capable, strong, I can do anything kind of person! I had conquered my fear!

The following day was the same only I had grown more able, the only thing that really started getting to me was my FEET! My word! it is incredible how feet control the body! I literally could not stand anymore at the end of the day, I ended up sitting outside at finishing time waiting to be taken home, refusing to walk another step!

That is really all there is to tell. I loved it.